Alexa Rose in Concert

8 p.m. - 10 p.m.

"Headwaters" is the sophomore album from Virginian indie folk singer Alexa Rose. A series of minutely observed vignettes that feel intimate and expansive at the same time. It captures the sweetness of life without avoiding any of the pain, with songs about time and its constraints, peppered with precise details pulled from Rose’s own life that make universal themes seem personal, inviting listeners to make the songs their own.

The tale of wayfaring songwriter Shay Martin Lovette is shaped by an enduring creative pursuit, an inseparable connection with the natural world and a deep appreciation of the nonpareil musical voices of the past. Two years after his noteworthy debut, "Swift Drifter," Lovette brings forth his sophomore record "Scatter & Gather." Written mostly from a remote, creekside cabin, the songs reflect Lovette's role as a versatile harmonica-wielding wordsmith, drifting between folk, indie and roots music.

Tickets $15 to $20. Click here to purchase.