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Hit the Trifecta with Beer, Barbecue & Wine at Elkin's Skull Camp Brewery & Smokehouse

Hit the Trifecta with Beer, Barbecue & Wine at Elkin's Skull Camp Brewery & Smokehouse

Elkin's new Skull Camp Brewery & Smokehouse offers a triple crown experience when it comes to food and craft beverages.

Skull Camp has the rare combination of craft brewery, wine lounge and full-service smokehouse all under one roof. And to make it even more appealing, that roof sits on top of a renovated 1941 two-story rustic wood building with fireplaces and a cozy atmosphere.

“It’s an old general store and a beautiful building with a long history in Elkin,” says owner Ken Gulaian, who also owns Round Peak Vineyards in nearby Mount Airy. “We do beer tastings and food on the first floor, with a wine loft upstairs.”

The multi-pronged concept brings together three of Gulaian’s passions – craft beers, smoked meats and artisan wines. The Skull Camp brand started several years ago as a second line of wines at Round Peak Vineyards. In 2014, Gulaian launched the Skull Camp Brewery in a building on the same piece of property as the smokehouse, which was the final piece of the puzzle when it opened this past fall.

For foodies, the menu is versatile and includes vegan and vegetarian options, but smoked meats are definitely the focus.

“We smoke brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, pulled chicken and various specials with smoked fish,” Gulaian says. “We also do a lot of handmade burgers and our smoked wings are popular, too.”

For beer lovers, there’s an extensive selection of Skull Camp beers – up to 14 on tap at a time, along with guest taps from North Carolina breweries and cideries.

“We do a really good core set of beers – a porter, stout, pale ale and red ale amber,” Gulaian explains. “Beyond that, we focus on IPAs. Our double IPA – Knuckle Dragger – is by far our most popular beer.”

Each fall, Gulaian takes grapes from the vineyards for use in the brewing process. Examples include a version of red ale with chardonnay grapes, and a version of porter with cabernet sauvignon grapes.

Skull Camp is located North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley wine country, so those wishing to taste vino have ample options at the wine loft. The full line of Skull Camp wines are available for tasting, or patrons can buy bottles of Round Peak wines and other Yadkin Valley wines on both levels.

“We’re calling the upstairs the wine loft and you can get appetizers and relax on sofas and furniture,” Gulaian says. “We wanted to have a special area for the wine tasting because if you are in the middle of a brewery atmosphere with food, it just isn’t conducive to doing a normal wine tasting.”

Skull Camp Brewery & Smokehouse is currently open Thursday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., with plans to expand to six days a week.

For more info, visit: www.SkullCampBrewing.com