Travel Website Praises Elkin for Hiking Trails and Wineries

Travel Website Praises Elkin for Hiking Trails and Wineries

Did you know Elkin is a great place for hiking along trails and visiting wineries?

The readers of the travel website sure do. The website, which is geared toward travelers age 21 and older, has written two nice articles about the friendly town of Elkin here in the Yadkin Valley.

One article focuses on hiking and the great network of trails being constructed by the Elkin Valley Trails Association. The writer spent time on the trails with EVTA volunteers and did a question-and-answer session with Denise Lyon of the EVTA.

To read the hiking article, click here

The winery article, entitled "Uncork Yadkin Valley," sets Elkin as a base camp for visiting the many wineries in Surry County and the Yadkin Valley.

The writer chose the upscale Fairfield Inn & Suites in Elkin as her base camp and focused on six wineries in the region, including two in Elkin – Adagio Vineyards and Elkin Creek Vineyards.

Praise was heaped upon the individual wineries, as well as the Yadkin Valley in general: “In the past six years, the wines have gone from ‘pretty good’ to ‘great.’ ” To read the wine-related article, click here

More info about these wineries and many more in the Yadkin Valley is available by visiting our wineries page