Surry Sonker Trail

The Surry Sonker Trail is a confectionary trail that showcases a heritage food passed down through generations in Surry County. The trail leads visitors to seven places that serve sonker on their regular menu.

Sonker in Surry County Yadkin Valley NCThis, of course, begs the question: what exactly issonker?
Sonker is akin to a pot pie or cobbler. It comes about by blending fruit and unshaped dough that is sweetened with sugar, molasses, or other secret ingredients. Sonker is also similar to snowflakes in that no two are exactly alike.

Sonker's  History

Sonker’s  origins in the county date to the early 1800s. A common belief is it was made to stretch the usage of fruit in tough times, or as a way to utilize fruit toward the end of its ripeness.

Sonker Trail

The eight stops on the trail are: Rockford General Store in the village of Rockford; The Living Room at Hilda's Place in Pilot Mountain; Putters Patio & Grill in Dobson; Skull Camp Smokehouse in Elkin; Southern On Main in Elkin; Old North State Winery in Mount Airy; Miss Angel’s Heavenly Pies in Mount Airy and Anchored Bakery in Mount Airy.

A free brochure map is available to guide folks along the Surry Sonker Trail. It includes all the info to enjoy a day or two along the trail.

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Sonker Trail Map through Surry County Yadkin Valley NC

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